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    Adventure travel for young adults, guys and girls 18 to 29.

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Do you want to see the incredible cities and landscapes of the Western USA, California and Hawaii… having the adventure of your life!?

Want to travel with people your age and have a young energetic guide with tons of experience guiding small groups?

Are you interested in making new friends, sharing some incredible times with them, and creating memories that will last a lifetime?!

Then you are in the right place. We specialize in organizing groups of young adventurous travelers who are on a budget.

We offer all inclusive camping/hotel/hostel tours at an unbeatable price! Not quite sure if traveling with our company is right for you? We encourage you to shop around! Check out the other small group Adventure travel companies in the USA. We know our competition and we know that when you compare us to anyone else…it just makes us look even better. Au Pair Adventures (APA) is not just for au pair! Our trips tend to have a mix of the following people:

  • Ex-Au Pair
  • Au Pair Boyfriends
  • Friends of Au Pair
  • College Students
  • Language Students
  • Gap Year Students
  • Anyone 18-29 yrs old!

Thank you for dropping in on our world of adventure travel, we hope you take some time to look at the trips we have to offer, and compare our tours with any other company out there. If you have any questions, or need any assistance please feel free to contact us!


life is an adventure or nothing at all

Want to get a better feel for our trips? Visit our Facebook page an see tons of photos from past adventures, see the people we travel with, even meet a tour guide if you like!


Adventure Travel for Young Adults

Au Pair Adventures is a small company started by a tour guide in 2010 who had a vision for doing things quite a bit different. The trips we offer are not just tours to a bunch of amazing places, they are a travel experience that is usually positively life altering for many, in a good way!

They are designed to be a cost effective, safe and efficient way for young adults to see a lot and experience so much in a relatively short period of time. The untold story of group travel is the magic that happens among the group members that can not happen when traveling alone.

When you get like minded individuals together from different cultures, all embarking on a real adventure together for one week, the entire travel experience is elevated. There is really no way to accurately describe the energy on one of our tours…tour doesn’t even seem like the right word! You have to experience it to understand it…and once you do you will know exactly what we mean.

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